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MOST has collected both clinical data from case report forms (questionnaires and examinations) and knee joint images from radiographs and MRI.

Study Time Points and Assessments

Operations Manuals

Clinical Datasets

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Outcomes Datasets

Biological Specimen Collection

Biospecimens were collected from enrolled MOST participants at baseline, 30 months, and 60 months. For more information, click on the link below.

Knee Radiograph and MR Imaging

  • MR Images Available
  • Axial, sagittal and coronal MRI images are available for each knee scanned

    Multicenter Osteoarthritis Study knee axial MR image
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    Multicenter Osteoarthritis Study knee sagittal MR image
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    Multicenter Osteoarthritis Study knee coronal MR image
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    For details about the acquisition protocols, see the 1.0T MRI Operations Manual.

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Longitudinal Radiograph Assessments

    Semi-quantitative scoring of radiographs, including Kellgren and Lawrence grades, OARSI joint space narrowing, osteophyte grades, and features of patello-femoral OA

  • Baseline to 84-month Longitudinal Knee Radiograph Assessments (V01235XRAY)

  • Baseline to 60-month Longitudinal Knee Radiograph Assessments (V0123XRAY)
    • As of April 2016, the Baseline to 60-month Longitudinal Radiograph Assessments dataset (V0123XRAY) is no longer available. This data has been updated and is now available in the Longitudinal Baseline to 84 Longitudinal Knee Radiograph Assessments dataset (V01235XRAY).
  • Baseline to 15-month and 30-month Longitudinal Knee Radiograph Assessments (V012XRAY)
    • As of September 2013, the Baseline to 15-month and 30-month Longitudinal Radiograph Assessments dataset (V012XRAY) is no longer available.

Longitudinal MR Image Assessments

Imaging Resources
GE Healthcare (previously ONI Medical Systems, Inc.) Manufacturer of OrthOne 1.0T and 1.5T MRI scanners
Information Resource for MRI Safety, Bioeffects, and Patient Management
Developed by Frank G. Shellock, PhD, Physiologist

Imaging Literature
(Sorted by publication date, most recent at top)

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